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Amazon Steel Construction Inc. Is a custom metal fabrication shop. We have the ability to
take your idea and turn it in to reality. We are fully equipped to provide our customers
with "GET IT NOW" products. What that means is we have the equipment and the
material and staff to provide you with your product when you want it, not when it "fits the
schedule" like our competitors.
Metal Welding Services
As a premier 21st century welding company Amazon Steel Construction Inc. has the technology and equipment for welding aluminum, stainless
steel and mild steel to the specifications of any size project. We have a wide variety of special metal welding services in-house and offer a staff of
certified welders to exceed your expectations.
From one-time assembly to long production runs, we are your top choice for numerous industries and applications including: farm and
agricultural, automotive, restaurants, heat exchangers, hoppers, guards, square and rectangular tanks, frames, refinery tank assemblies, roof
hatches, staircases, conveyors, and miscellaneous design-build equipment. Customers have counted on us for carbon steel and stainless steel
welding and we pride ourselves on our aluminum welding capabilities.
All of our welders are certified under the ASME & AWS Code and are qualified to weld under ASME Section 9. By hiring only top tier welders we
offer you the peace of mind that your products will be executed by an industry professional using modern equipment.
Clean and strong welds are a staple of Amazon Steel Construction Inc. Finding a company who can offer both aluminum welding and stainless
steel welding at such a high capacity and efficiency rate is rare which is why our first-time customers tend to become a longtime customer after
their first order is completed. We will go to great lengths to prove our expertise in welding and value to your business.
Since our beginning in 2002, Amazon Steel Construction Inc has always been atop the fabrication and welding industries. Our performance
record and gallery speak for themselves and we would be happy to explain how our expertise in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum welding
can benefit your company.
Please contact us today regarding your personalized welding needs. As stated above we accept all orders no matter the specifications or size of
the project. Call us now at 302-751-1146
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